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Meet Belgrade, capital and the largest city of Serbia. City flooded with contradictions and culture: on the one hand the gritty, gray and raw, the other serene, cobbled and quiet. At the same time, is a place to chill, as well as excitement.

Belgrade is situated in South-East Europe, on always troubled Balkan Peninsula. It lies at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. Rivers surround it on three sides, and for that reason, among other things, foreign and domestic tourists find Belgrade very attractive. He was called the "gate" of the Balkans, and "the door" to Central Europe.

Belgrade's cultural life is very rich. It has an international film festival FEST, BELEF Belgrade Summer Festival, International Theatre Festival BITEF, children's festival Joy of Europe, Belgrade Music Festival BEMUS, numerous art exhibitions, festivals as October Salon, the International Book Fair and many other international festivals of cultural and artistic creativity . But Belgrade also has alot of other places to spend Your free time, such as restaurants with a wide range of gastronomic specialties of national and international cuisine, clubs according to international standards and of course the widely famous clubs on the water called rafts.

Find a apartment for rent in Belgrade. Located in the city center, in a central position in the city center.

And here are a few reasons to book with us.

  1. We provide superior choice for every taste
  2. More economical than a hotel, it is important when every penny counts.
  3. More space and complete freedom, a sense of presence and pleasure of being at home
  4. You have your own kitchen in apartment
  5. Each apartment has free internet, satellite and cable TV
  6. Apartments in Belgrade are providing great neighbors and unforgettable impressions
  7. You are completely independent in the apartment, so make the best choice for you.
  8. Apartments in the same building for groups who wish to be accommodated together
  9. Quality, Center, prices, detailed descriptions, photos, maps; clearly and visibly, you choose what u get.



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